If It Ain't Mine, It's His...

It all started with a phone call Brian made yesterday. He called his Mom to let her know that he was coming over to salt the step and driveway. He was then informed that she had fallen on the ice, and she hurt her ankle.

Brian went next door to find out how bad it was. Alittle later on, Brian came home asking me for the Ace bandage wrap. I said, well if its that bad, I better go check myself. I'm not a nurse, but having twisted my ankle several times in my life, I could make sure that everything was ok.

Found my MIL sitting in the chair with her foot propped up. Looking at it, her ankle was very swollen. I said that she needed ice, but I was told that her other son was going to bring some, but he had to wait alittle as he had to put it in the freeze. I just went to her freezer and pulled out a bag of chocolate chips and covered her ankle.

We were hem hawing about what to do. It was to the point where she was going to wait till tomorrow to go to the DR. And I said, I think you really should go today to get it checked out. That way if you have to get up during the night, you might fall and break something additional.

It got to the point I was in tears, and had to leave. I told Brian that I was sick of waiting for everyone else's opinions. And that she needed to go now. Just get an xray to find out what is going on.

My FIL has real bad dementia. My MIL is like his comfort blanket. He gets himself worked up so much, that she needs to be with him 24/7. (Read on.. read what happens) So FIL was telling MIL, oh, its not that bad. You can walk on it tomorrow. MIL asked FIL to get a pair of underwear out of the dresser in the bedroom, so she could change. I heard the request and watched FIL come back with a long sleeved white dress shirt, that is where I took over.

I was VERY proud of Brian. He stepped up and told both his parents that he was getting sick of this situation, and that Mom was going to the hospital with Kim to find out what is going on. Brian stayed with his dad, while I took MIL to the hospital.

We got seen, xrays taken. Guess what.. what we thought was a sprain was TWO BROKEN bones! Yep. She fell, and broke her ankle. And guess what the best part of it was... she was getting transported to another hospital for SURGERY!

There was no stopping at home. Off in the ambulance she went. I called Brian to inform him on the news. I wasn't going to let them know the outcome till she was in the ambulance and on the way.

She ended up having surgery last night at 10pm. Brian and I of course went to Rhinelander. Brian's nephew stayed with FIL. (Hold on that parts still coming).

Headed over to WalMart, did alittle Christmas shopping. She got out of surgery about midnight, and was put into a room at around 12:45am this morning. She has screws, pins, and wire holding her ankle together. We left the hospital alittle after 1am.

Brian and I got home about 2:30am. It was -17 degrees on our ride home. We came home, and have been at Inlaws house since 2:30 - Father inlaw was WIDE awake when we got here.. finally got him to settle down around 4am. Brian and I slept here, and we were woken by Brian's dad at 7 this morning.

So, I will be leaving shortly to go and get her from the hospital. And bring her home.

So we both are making it on 3 hrs today.

Just wanted to give you an update as to what is going on.


Rachel said...

Hope your mil heals quickly. Similar situation happened with my mother a few years ago and she was laid up for a couple monhts.

Irene said...

OMG how awful, good thing you were there to insist on x-rays. Hope MIL recovers quickly. Wonder how your FIL will handle this ?

Northwoods Woman said...

You are such a good DIL! If you need any help, just call me! Merry Christmas, I know it's late, sorry.


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