Teresa's RR finished

The mailing deadline has passed, and with all that is going on.. I really needed to get the stitching on Teresa's RR so I can send it on to the next person.

Well last night about 7pm, I started on the stitching. I had to help MIL get ready for bed, and once she was settled, I got to stitch and chat some with Vickie. Brian fell asleep about 10:30. I got all the branches and the pine boughs stitched and I was in bed around 12:45am.

I shouldn't have stayed up that late. I was woken up by the chiming of the door bell @ 4am. Meant MIL needed something. Come to find out, FIL had been pestering her since 2am to get up, and get started with the day. I found them in the living room. It was an all out verbal fight, and I even got in on it. LOL I told Brian, if FIL swung @ MIL or myself, would he defend us. He said he would, but he would have to be careful he didn't do any damage.

It was after 5am, and Brian told me to go to bed, as I hadn't slept much before then. I woke up around 8am to use the bathroom, and everyone was back in bed. I was chimed again at 9:30 to make something to eat for MIL.

I went back to stitching once I got everything settled. Around noon today I had a finish!! I think that this finish was a quick stitch, despite all that is going on in my world.

So, the details - Cardinal, from The Prairie Schooler - Prairie Birds (Book No. 24) stitched with DMC, on 16ct.

After I finished up the stitching, Brian and I took off for grocery shopping so Brian has food to prepare for his parents. We took our time, but our relief help was eager to get going when we got home.

If you are keeping count... tonight will be night 14 we have spent away from our bed. I'm sure it will be about Jan 5 before we get to stay a night at home.. unless someone in the family steps up and offers to spend the night for us. But ain't happen yet!

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Carol's Stitching said...

Brian and you are truly good people to take care of your MIL and FIL that way. Not too many people are willing to go out of their way to help others.

The stitching is adorable. I love cardinals!


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