Looking forward to the weekend

Even though I live like 60 strides from home, I haven't slept in my bed since Sunday night. Yep, still at the inlaws taking care of MIL. I have really enjoyed taking care of her.. but then I have been going to work for the past couple of days too. Brian has been doing most of the helping care for his mom (and really his dad too).

Tomorrow morning we are leaving to travel down state to spend the weekend with my family. We had already had this planned out for some time, and we feel as though we need a break too. We do have someone coming to stay, and look after them.

MIL is doing well. Is getting around the house better.


Irene said...

Enjoy your weekend !

Pam said...

Have a good weekend with your family. It's really good of you to take care of your MIL and FIL, but it will be nice to have a break for few days.


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