Garden Of Life - WIP 5/22

I thought I would share what I'm working on.. I had started this way back in February, and I found a recent WIP picture. I know I had alittle more than what that picture shows when I started stitching on it last night. So you can see the progress. :) This is called "Garden of Life" from Blackbird Designs.

Our weekend plans have changed - we were going to travel down to my family's cottage (160 miles away) for the holiday weekend. I had a phone call today, was my boss at the quilt shop, asking if I could work on Saturday or Friday, since a coworker had a death in her family. That was my deciding factor in staying home this weekend. So I'm picking up Saturday, and I think I might have volunteered myself for Sunday too, will find that out on Thursday. Over the past few days, I was considering staying home, mainly due to the gas prices. And since seeing them after the phone call, I'm glad I said yes to working!

I hope tomorrow, the rain stays away. I have been putting the yard work off. And if you can see the weeds are really starting to show in the picture below with Brian. There are actually hostas growing among the weeds around the satellite dish!


The Chicken Lady said...

And just think of all the gas money you can save! :) Have a great weekend. :)

Missy said...

Whoa, your gas is more expensive than ours...we're sitting tight at 3.449/gal. I like the BBD WIP, sure you will get it done in no time.

: )

Pumpkin said...

You've got a great start :o)

Yes, gas prices are determining where we go as well :o( No fun!

Mary Ann said...

Garden of Life is looking wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing the finish.

Karen said...

Great start of garden of life, we have dreadful prices for gas over here in the UK

Shari said...

looking good Kim! I love the colors on this one!
Gas prices?!? Gotta love them! NOT!!!

Sandy said...

I love this one Kim, I've been wanting to add it to my BB stash and I think I'm going to have to. My list keeps growing. LOL I have to laugh at your outhouse picture. Too funny. LOL :D TFS

The needle & I said...

I love to do BBD and love this design "Garden of Life" I cant wait to see it finished. I just found your blog and enjoyed browsing it. Gas prices are outrageous. Have a great weekend! Ranae


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