Please Wait, Searching For Satallite

What a day! That's what our tv screen said from 10pm last night till, about 6pm tonight!

Last night, Brian wanted to watch a show, and I wanted to watch another show, both at the same time. Well he won, and me talking under my breath, must have jinx something for the satellite dish, cause it blacked out. We thought, well must be the weather causing it. So we waited a bit. Bri ended up putting a DVD in, and we watched Sanford & Son for about an hour. Still was searching for satellite.

We went to bed... I turned on the tv this morning, same thing! Brian was out wiggling the dish, adjusting the settings, still searching for satellite signal. He called up his cousin, who came over to help. His cousin then went home to bring back a tv and his receiver to see if it was our receiver. He connected the tv and receiver outside so they could see the signal strength. Me calling on the walkie talkie, was not appealing. "Still nothing".. LOL

They managed to get a signal with the receiver connected to the dish outside. The problem was the cable! So off to Iron River we went to Ace, and bought the heavy duty coaxial cable. We got home and Brian was determined to get that cable buried! He began to pull on the old buried cable, only to have it break. Poor guy was doing great till he got to the drive way.

But we do now have our dish back.. and guess what!! Its on Brian's channels...LOL I guess I will allow him to watch what he wants, since he worked so hard today!

While in Iron River, I told Brian that I should stop and get some gas. I thought twice when I saw the sign..... $3.559!!! Man oh frickin man!! Im going to have to invest in a horse pretty soon to get me back and forth from work!!


The Chicken Lady said...

Stinking satellite cable! Stinking gas prices! I hope you have your tv and horse running soon! :) tee hee Our gas here is 3.39, well, it was the other day. I don't want to know what it is today. I'm riding my bike!

Pumpkin said...

They're a pain aren't they! Glad to hear it was something simple.


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