Ive been stitching!

Here is proof that I have been stitching!!! I started this cute little design on Tuesday night, and I have been slowly stitching on it. And I got a good amount of stitching finished on it last night, while watching tv.

This is going to be a for a secret ornament exchange for a group Im in. I think it its so cute!

Im stitching it over one on 32ct, so it a tiny sucker! Its in a 6" X 8" QSnap, with its QSnap Hugger.

Im still working on rewrapping all my floss bobbins on to the DMC bobbins. Nicole posted a comment, and shared with me that she purchased another set of DMC #s and put them on both sides of the bobbin. What a great idea! So I "borrowed" Nicole's idea. Thanks Nicole!


Pumpkin said...

Great start Kim!

Nicole and Phil said...

Always happy to share ideas and tips when something works for me! I have been watching the first series of Desparate Housewives...and I see a lot of myself in Bree...with having everything in order! and perfect! LOL...but then i also see a lot of myself in Lynette ;)

Sally said...

That is going to a sweet little design Kim.


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