Garden Of Life - WIP 5/26

Thought I would post a picture of the top half of Garden of Life, by Blackbird Designs. I had to move the design down to stitch the top part. And looking at the rest of the pattern, I'm more than half way done with it.

This design is a fun stitch, but there is alot of starting and stopping since I'm using over dyed floss to stitch.

I was suppose to have off this weekend, but my boss at the quilt shop had called on Tuesday to ask if I could work Fri, or Sat. Well of course I had to work at the nursing home on Friday, so I said I could work today. And asked if she needed help on Sunday. So I worked today, and have to work tomorrow, also. Today I was pretty busy.. lots of ladies buying fabric. My boss had alot of compliments, saying how nice of a help I was, and how nice I was. Well it was just me, being me! :) I have Monday off, for Memorial Day, and on Tuesday, Bri and I have a DR appt in Iron Mountain.

Well I'm off to stitch for a bit, like I said I just wanted to share. National Lampoon's Vacation is on... gosh I remember watching that as a kid, when living at my parents house!

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