This is so cool!!

WOW, check this out!!! This is such a compliment!!!

I happen to check out where the referrals were coming from, to my blog. As I happen to click on a Google search in my sitemeter, I saw this blog, and had to check it out.

She placed an order yesterday, and I sent it out in the mail yesterday. This is so exciting!! Thanks Rebecca!!

I have had 2 more emails today, one from Gerry, and Pam stating that they have received and both loved their QSnap Huggers!! Thanks ladies!!

I was chatting with Elaine a while back about making a QH for each of the WIP to coordinate the QH to the project (I know weird.. LOL). Well last night while waiting for the Fray Check to dry.. I made a QH for the Stars & Stripes WIP I started on last night. :) I used this fabric, when I get alittle more done on it, I will post a picture of the QH, with the WIP. :)

Edited - May 24, Rebecca emailed to let me know she received her QSnap Huggers - check out her post.


Pumpkin said...

That's awesome Kim!!!!! I guess us Canuks really like your product ;o)

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

LOL! Of course I posted about it...and I'm so excited to see them arrive in the mail!

Cathy said...

I guess I was about four or five posts behind on your blog! You have been busy sewing away on the QH - good for you! Love the nametag with the cardinal on it too!

Have a nice weekend!

Michele said...

that is cool! and I love mine! getting ready to order a few more for goodies to go with my exchanges *smile*


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