The Joys of the Northwoods

Ok, I'm on my laptop, its 12:30a.m., the tv is on, Brian has gone to bed. I hear Brian get up. Well he is investigating by the back door. I check to see what he is doing.

As I get closer I can hear what he is looking for. Our yearly annoying friend is back! The porcupine! We could hear it chewing and it sounded close. I grabbed the flashlight. Brian proceeds to open the door to investigate.

If the porcupine had been about 2 inches closer to the door, it would have gotten its butt hit!! So now tomorrow we will have to go and find out the damage. It likes this small chair I have on the porch, and a bench that we have out by our propane tank. And we found out last year that it likes our porch! ARGH!


The Chicken Lady said...

Doh! I was just talking to my friend yesterday about a dog at the vet who got too close to a porcupine. Those critters are pesky. I hope he didn't cause too much trouble!

Mary Ann said...

I hope the porcupine damage was not too much. And, I wouldn't get too close--I bet those pocupine needles would hurt!!

Pumpkin said...

They are such funny creatures :o) You can keep him though! Duncan has gotten hit twice and those quills are not fun to take out :o(

Shari said...

too funny Kim!!! I dont' think we have had a porcupine in our yard, but we sure have our share of other critters that destroy! Hope he didn't do too much damage for you!


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