Ok.. I have to tell you all about this little story.. and its true.

My sister called last night...

Sis: "You will not believe what I just saw in the girl's closet."
Me: "A mouse, a mole.... what?"
Sis: "Get this, a SNAKE! It's dead now."

Come to find out, my sister was looking for some sweaters that my Mom had knitted for the girls at Christmas time, and she wanted to swap the buttons for different ones. So my sister had to go into their closet to look for the sweaters. That is when she noticed the snake on the floor. It was alive. She lives in a 4 apartment complex. Where it came from.. she didn't know.. and they still have snow on the ground, there. She said she had a new neighbor to the building do the deed... and remove it from the apartment.

We are NOT snake people.

Sister called again today.

Sis: "Guess what..."
Me: "What?"
Sis: "I called (another tenant in the building, who lives upstairs) to ask if he was missing anything.. like a snake? (the building isn't suppose to have animals.. and this guy's other snake ate a kitten, once before). Well he said that (child's name)'s snake got out, and that he had been turning the apartment upside down trying to find it."

She went on to say that it was the same snake (description was exact, even the broken tail) that was downstairs in their apartment. He asked if it was alive.

Me: (laughing), "Well it wasn't wearing a collar, so you had permission to kill it."


Jennifer said...

Anytime someone mentions a snake, I think of Bill Engvall saying, "A snaaaaaaaaake? Stop it!"

Chiloe said...

People are crazy ... snake CAN'T be pets ;-)

staci said...

We have a very strict 'no reptile, no rodent' rule in our house~LOL!!! I agree with your sis, kill first...ask questions later :)

Rachel S said...

Oh, Gaaack, that would be horrible.

timetostitch said...

Oh man, that's weird to have it in her closet, I'd have gone crazy!
How odd!

Rachel said...

Your sister is very brave..if I had found a snake I'd be the one that died from shock!!! Yuck....

KaLu said...

i had this customer at the laundramat who would always try to convince me that snakes were the best pets a person could have...he tried and tried but no i never believed it


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