Stars & Stripes ... Forever Table Runner

As part of the quilt shop hop that Wardo's will be participating from May 1 - 10th. I needed to come up with a table runner design. So the other day, I was thinking and doing some research. I found a pattern I liked, and I decided to play with it alittle. I'm always a fan of patriotic designs, so I thought I would just go ahead with my idea. But really, it can be done with other colors besides. Its a simple pattern, so in a way, I'm sure I'm copying a design that has already been done.. but come on.. how many do you think there would be??

I needed to create a pattern with directions and have a model to show. So here is my model. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

So, here is my Stars and Stripes ... Forever table runner. Its 18" X 36". The pictures do not do it justice. The colors are very Americana. If you would be interested in the pattern, let me know. First of all I have to write it up.. LOL

The table runner took about 10 hrs to complete.. that included the cutting, sewing, quilting and the dreaded hand stitching the binding. I LOVE the results!

Please let me know what you think. Would love to hear feedback.


Irene said...

Fantastic, you did a great job !

Toni said...

I would like a pattern. my email is stitcher63@gmail.com.


valda said...

I love it Kim! I would also love the pattern. My email is valdals1@yahoo.com

Vonna said...

I think it stupendously wonderful...and would fit right in to my Americana kitchen...would you like to whip one up for me?
: )

becca said...

Fantastic!! It's very awesome. I love how the stars look.

Nancy said...

VERY pretty, Kim!! May I have the pattern when you've created it?

Renee said...

It's just AWESOME Kim!!! Forget the pattern I want the table runner itself!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!

Debbie said...

Great work! You are so talented.


Teresa's Blog said...

Kim, that is beautiful! So stunning!!!! I want one!

Marta said...

I soooooo love it! Great work and thanks for sharing. huggles, Marta

Myrna said...

Kim... that turned out lovely! I would be interested in your pattern. My sister's cottage is all done in Americana. I would love to do one of these up for her... (unless you just want to send me this one! LOL)

Have a great day! The sun is shining 'down below', so I hope you get some too!

Myrna :-)

timetostitch said...

I love the colors and the stars. Stunning!

Milly~ said...

Are you kidding girl!?! You know I LOVE IT!!!! Just gorgeous Kim.

The Chicken Lady said...

That turned out really cute!

Jan said...

hi, i am trying to make this pattern, and the red is not making sense to me. please help??

Kim said...

Jan, sorry for the delay. I just finally seen your comment, and your need for help.

Please email me at upnorthxstitching @ gmail.com (close spaces around the @)
You had no way to contact you via email.



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