In Rochester!

Greetings from Rochester, Minnesota.

We made it! It was a beautiful ride here. Took us 4 hrs. But we are here! The Mayo Clinic is amazing to look at.. and I hope doctors bring us some courage and information we need to help my dad.

I wanna say THANK you for all the comments and the emails that were sent to me. You people are WONDERFUL! Thanks for making a person's life alittle brighter!

Will keep you posted!


Doris said...

I hope that everything goes well to you and your father.

Petra said...

All the best to your dad.

Jen said...

Good luck to you and your dad! I hope you get encouraging news.

Irene said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely. Hope they have good news for your Dad.

shutterbug said...

Been thinking about you and your Dad, Kim. Hope things are going well and you get the information you need. :o)
Hugs, Elaine

Karen said...

Kim, best of luck to you and your dad. The Mayo Clinic is outstanding; I hope they can find a solution for your dad. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Karen in MN


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