Can I get an.. OMG!

Im cruising the internet here, and I happen to stumble upon this photo.. knowing me I need to have a looky..

I remember being SO IN LOVE with these guys.. back in the day of what.. gosh, middle school. Heck I cant even remember.

I remember going and buying the cassette (gosh, remember those?!) at the Exclusive Company in Appleton. And then going home and putting it in the boombox and blasting it and dreaming of Joey. While I looked at my New Kids on the Block posters I had hanging all over the bedroom.

As far as remembering the songs, all I can think of is.... Hangin Tough

Gosh, I guess we all grow up!


Marlies said...

I dreamed of Joey too those days ;-)

Love, Marlies

Doris said...

oh my!!!.....Joy grow up so well...i was fans of this guys when i was a child..oh i am feeling litle old..i remember the cassettes ! :lol: my daughter never know one of this, she only know DVD...the time don´t stop..

The Chicken Lady said...

They are cuties. Put a man in a suit and Oh Yeah, Baby! :)

Anonymous said...

I never liked them then and a coworker (in her 20's) mentioned them coming back and I shrugged them off, but wow you're photo leaves me interested...they're not bad looking I'll say that much!

Jennifer said...

I was a Donnie girl, though I did develop a little crush on Jon as well. And I'm not ashamed to admit there's a couple of their songs on my iPod. Hee hee!

CraftyT said...

LOL So funny.. I remember me and my girlfriends had a sleepover and they were oin concert on tv.
We were the loudest girls in the neighborhood for about an hour. I am sure our neughbors LOVED us LOL
I had all their memorabila....

Renee said...

Oh my gosh!!! I went to see them twice in concert!!! Jon was my favorite with Jordan a close second! My girlfriend was a "Danny" girl! heehee

LOVE the picture!!


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