My Goodness... where did the past week go?!?

Gosh, it seems like its all a blur...

Where to start. Well since getting home Friday night, I was exhausted, and went to bed pretty much right away, after getting home. Saturday & Sunday I had to work - Saturday was a very hard day. I was still exhausted from the previous week. But I made it through. Sunday was a much better day, and when I got home, I had enough energy to do some stitching.

I finished up on a model that I had gotten the previous Monday (actually stopped at the post office on the way down state to pick it up.) I stitched about 2/3's of the design while waiting for appts, or in the hotel room relaxing. I put the last stitch in the design about midnight Sat night, and mailed it off on Monday. The rest of the day was spent doing laundry. Actually was able to hang the clothes out on the line for the first time this year! About time! Spent alittle time outside doing alittle yard work. The rest of the evening was spent stitching on a wedding design for a wedding next week, and watching Little People, Big World, and Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Today, I had to go and pick up my new truck. I had to meet my brother half way. My youngest brother had kept it while I was down there last week, and he was able to put on the deer slayerbrush guard on the front of the truck. He also put on a bug shield, mud flaps, and some door edge protectors! I will have to get a picture, when its not raining out. It was quite cute, my nephew Conway was so excited to see me, and then he invited me to Burger King, and he had to ride with Aunt Kim. Had breakfast at BK with them, and then I headed over to Shawano to do some shopping. I stopped at WalMart and shopped for some deals. I found a different FM transmitter for my truck to listen to my MP3 player in the truck. I got home about 2:30pm. Put the items away, and then started on the hitch and ball for my truck. Found out that I purchased the wrong size ball for the hitch. So after running to the store in Long Lake to get the right ball, I was all set. I need to haul some wood from a coworker.. so I needed to get a hitch and ball set for the truck.

I went to go and try out my FM transmitter in my truck. Went to go and get the mp3 player, and I know I packed it for the trip to MN, but I couldn't find it. I swear I packed it in my clothes bag. I found the cord for the mp3 player, but I couldn't find the player in the pocket of the bag. I checked all the other bags, thinking maybe I put it in a different bag. Nope. Couldn't find it. Checked some of the bags 3 times, and the luggage bag 4 times. I felt so upset. It got to the point where I called the hotel asking if they may have seen the player. They didn't have anything there that was misplaced or found. GRR! Called my mom to see if she could check in their Expedition to see if maybe it was on the floor, that it had fallen out of the bag. Nope. I felt so bad.

Brian felt really bad for me.. and guess what. He wanted to take me out to dinner, and we some how came home with a new mp3 player..LOL So the new player works wonderfully with the fm transmitter.

So, if you see a Philips 2GB (black front, and white back) mp3 player with ear buds, in a "sock" (white, lite green, blue variegated) that my Mom made for me. It belongs to me!

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