If I had known then what I know now

Ever have that feeling?! Where you wished you would have known something that would have made your life so, so, so much simpler, but it was like a OMG, check this out moment"?

I just had one.

Sit back, you might learn it too.

Ok, I had some how had another computer added to our fleet, and well my old computer (which Brian uses for a computer, and I use the laptop) just wasn't adding up to Brian's expectations anymore. I was getting sick of hearing about the computer being so slow, and what not. So I had swapped out the old computer.. (remember the day we bought it.. was the day we lost Columbia {the space shuttle}) for the computer that my Mom had given us. (Never can have enough desktop towers!) So, a year already I swapped them, only to have it swapped back, since some how the CD rom door didn't open. So, when we had the satellite internet installed, the old computer was put back into commission.

So about 2 or 3 weeks ago.. I switched the computers again. Got great results, except for the sound, in Brian's words... "sucked". So the other day I was out shopping, and I picked up a new sound card to replace the one that's in the computer.

Installed the sound card, went to go to install the software.

And this is where I went... "Oh crap"

The CD door does not open... how will I install the software. I thought oh wait, I have a external CD burner somewhere around here. Found it... wouldn't read that it was connected. So I started looking for drivers for the sound card, online. Actually found them, and started downloading them. Then I thought what the heck, I'm going to do a search on the net for advice on how open the stuck CD Rom door.

Ok, look at your CD room, see the tiny hole? Find a paper clip and straighten it out. Now put the paper clip in the hole. Give it alittle push in, and feel the force, and then pull your CD room drawer out! Wah la!

Learned something new today! Software in the CD Rom is installing. Fingers crossed I have sound in the end!!

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Meari said...

LOL, Yup. I knew that! Had I known your CD door was stuck shut, I would've suggested it. Yay for you in figuring it out! :)


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