Dad update 4/27/08

Friday night I found out that my Mom, Sister, and her two girls were out in Minnesota by Dad.

Yep, he is still there!

Amy (my sis) called today about noon and told me they plan to stay a couple more days, as dad *may* be coming home on Tuesday. (Ya!! If its true) My dad had heart surgery in June '04, where he had a mechanical valve replaced, and Dad & Mom are seeing if the can get the surgery done again by the same surgeon that did the previous surgery (and another good thing about the surgeon, he had come from Mayo Clinic). Which would make it take place in Appleton, which is like 15 miles from my parents house - rather than 226 miles.

So, I guess they (DRs and my parents) were weighing the pros and cons of my dad leaving on Tuesday. He will need to have his surgery within a 3 month time. But I guess they are going to contact the Surgeon in Appleton to see if he can do the surgery. So fingers crossed!

Since he has been in the hospital, he has lost another 14 lbs (in 11 days)! And... he said last night during our phone conversation that he was feeling better in his stomach area (the reason we had gone to Mayo in the first place).

I found out that my niece Kaylee wanted to know if I could come over, so she could sleep with me while at the hotel..LOL Ahh.. if only it wasnt a 6 hr drive!

Thanks for the ones that keep asking how my dad is.. its great to know that people care!! The prayers and thoughts are doing their work!! THANK YOU!


Aussie Stitcher said...

Hope your Dad gets to go home soon, hope you and your family are coping with this, it is always hard when a loved one is not well. {{{{HUGS}}}}

Shari said...

good to see your dad is feeling better, despite all he is going thru. I pray the doctor's make a decision soon & he can have the surgery closer to home.

Debra said...

Kim, good to hear his is feeling better. Hope he gets to come home soon.
Debra in Indiana

Doris said...

that´s a god news! i hope all will be better and better.


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