Believe Model for Glory Bee

In March, I had seen a post on the 123 MB asking for model stitchers. So I thought I would send an email, and let the designer know I was interested in model stitching for them, and to let me know if she was interested.

I did get a reply back saying that she wanted to use me for sure.. and Im so thankful! I love model stitching!! I stitched for Nancy of Glory Bee.

This is my first model for Glory Bee. Its called "Believe", when I first seen it when it arrived, I just chuckled at the saying. I had taken this model with me to Rochester the first time, and I spent alot of waiting time stitching on it. I even had someone come up to me and ask me what I was doing. I showed her, and she read the saying and just laughed and said... "that is so true!"

I just had to stitch the model, and Nancy attached the buttons. I think it turned out so darn cute!!
Im very happy to show you the model of Believe by Glory Bee.

I was cruising 123 MB after dinner, and I came across a post from Nancy about inviting to see her new designs.... so I had a look and found my model on her blog. I have included the link to her post about the design.


becca said...

congrats on the model stitching. It looks great.

Renee said...

Great job on the model stitching! Cute pattern!!

Virpi said...

Great stitching and funny saying =)

Vickie said...

I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE!! Love the model...it looks wonderful!!

Debra said...

Kim, to cute. Congrats on your finish. Love the buttons.
Debra in Indiana

Julie R's Crafting Blog said...

You model is beautiful! Congratulation on you finish, you should be so proud!!!!

staci said...

Adorable! Well done ;)


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