Shop Hop going on...

Had this email waiting for me when I got home from work. The shop hop is going on.. and I was kinda excited about it.. went up to the quilt shop on Thursday, and put in about 3 hrs (and Brian was along to help). Brian helped making the goodie bags, and I put kits together for the table runner.

Hey Kim, we are having nice reviews from your runner, as of last night we only have one kit left they really liked it and can't see how you could sell the kit so cheaply but were very happy. This may be something you would want to make the pattern and sell here. We can talk about it more. Can you make up more kits if I sell the last one or should I try to make some up? Let me know? Had 19 shop hoppers in on Sat so that was very good. D

Humm... do I see quilt designing in my future.. I think not.. LOL

Come back on May 10th, and I will be offering the table runner pattern for free!!

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staci said...

Congrats on all the interest for your runner!!!


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