Stay tuned... but I gotta catch up!

Well, lets see - the last update was of my dad moving off of the ICU, and into his own room on the heart floor. Before we left, he did walk a short distance, maybe about 15 ft.

Saturday morning, Brian, Mom and I went over to the hospital to visit, and about 10:30am, Brian and I headed over to WalMart - to get a few things we needed. When we got back, Amy & the girls were at the hotel! We went to KFC for lunch, and then headed for the hospital to see Dad. Natalie and Kaylee were kinda shy - but I would be too, if I had seen the condition of the way Grandpa was, I would be shy too!! Didn't take them long to warm up.
After we left the hospital, we had to go swimming. Natalie, man that girl just jumps in the pool! We had a blast. After swimming it was back up to the room, and we got ready to go back to the hospital, and visit with Dad. When we left there, we stopped at Canadian Honker (only ate there 3 times while in Rochester... great food!!), and it was off to the hotel for S'mores! Even had Nat thinking of going down to the lobby, and asking them to turn on the fireplace so we could have S'mores around the campfire..LOL

Sunday morning we woke up, had breakfast at the hotel, and it was off to see Dad again. We left for home about 12:45pm, and pulled into our drive way at 6:45pm. Long drive!!

Talked with Dad tonight, he had his neck port removed yesterday, (which he told me that last night when we got home), and today he was told that there is something wrong with his pacemaker that he has, and they need to correct something with it before he can go home... which could be Wednesday!! GREAT NEWS!!


Shari said...

glad to see your dad is doing so well!!! That is awesome news!!!!
And those girls have GROWN a bunch since the retreat last year!!!

Renee said...

I'm so glad your dad is doing well and improving!!! That's VERY good news!!!! Sending you some big hugs!! It's hard watching your dad have surgery!


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