Dad/Me Update

I know I do spend time on the computer, but its mostly chatting with my friend in AR (Hi Vickie!)- which is a cross stitchers, and we have become very good friends. Its amazing cause I talk with her more than I do my own sister..lol. I do have alot going on ... so its either work, stitching, yard work, church, quilting, sleeping or stressing over Dad. That take up my day. Ive been contemplating quiting Netflix, as I'm not finding the time to watch the movies like I thought I would, but I guess then they are making the money off of me.. LOL But I did sit down and watch 2 movies last night - Juno, and Over Hear Dead Body. Both were good, and I have another one waiting to be scene (27 Dresses), which I will do that after I watch The Office tonight.

We leave in an hour - Brian has a DR appt in Iron Mountain, MI for a yearly check up. So that's at 1:30pm, and we stop by BK after for lunch, and then head on over to WalMart. And I will do some grocery shopping while there.. check out the fabric department. We got our stimulus check, but that went straight to the credit card to help pay off the down payment on our truck. I switched auto insurance yesterday - man oh man. I went from $488 (was just for me and my Explorer)/6 mths to $311 for me/dh, and both vehicles/6mths... for a huge savings! It sucks how the media and the government has allowed our society to be come the way it has.

Dad update -My Mom, Brother, his wife, and kids took a ride out Sunday to drop my dad off at the hospital in Rochester, and the rest drove back home. He got there was admitted, and on Monday night we had a call from my dad. He informed us that during the day, there were a couple of DRs that came in to examine his mouth. Come to find out, he had to have at least 6 teeth (mostly in the back) removed, and possibly the 4 front teeth on the bottom of his jaw. See, way back in 96 0r 97 - all I can remember it was a winter, as it was so fricken cold when he was @ Theda Clark - he had a open sore on his back that gave him a staph infection - which turned into a term called - Endocarditis. Its to do with bacterial infection causing damage to the heart valves, and hence his heart surgery in 2004 for him to have a heart valve put in.

Well fast forward to last April. (I'm assuming) With having the endocarditis - it has damaged his heart valves even more - so now they have to fix the heart valve that was replaced with a mechanical valve in '04, and replace another valve that is also leaking. So back to the teeth thing.. with having his teeth removed, they are trying to eliminate all the possible infections that would put poison in this bloodstream, and since the heart is already damaged... it would put him at a higher risk.So, last night, Dad called to report that he was getting his teeth pulled today, and his surgery will be either Monday or Tuesday now. Alot of what happens at the hospital, is mostly depended on his coumadin levels, so its safe enough to proceed.

My Mom went out there yesterday to Rochester - so she will be staying for awhile now. I know my sister and younger brother will be going when my dad has his surgery.. me I'm planning to go some day. Just with work, its hard!

Me update -Well I had to work on Sat at my fun job and I came home with 2 quilt projects to work on. I promised myself I that I wouldn't start anything new till I had another commitment to finish up. Its an Angel Quilt for a friend on one of my stitching groups, she loves cows. So I had the cross stitched quilt blocks sent me, and I put the quilt together. I have it all done (as of 1:30am, last night). I just need to do an overlook of it, and make sure no threads are needing to be cut, and I have to iron it again. Yesterday I also finished up a finish into a pillow for a friend in the UK, also a cow design..LOL Ive been stitching - but not as much as I would like. I'm still plugging away on the Double Flips from Lizzie*Kate - but I have added a word since.

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