Dad Update 5/21

8:30am this morning I called into to work, I just couldnt go in...

9am - Brian and I were on the road to Rochester. We got here about 2:30pm. My sister called at noon to inform us that he was taken to surgery (my brother Scott and my sister was on their way to Rochester also). We were finally informed at 7:45pm, that the surgeon wanted to meet with us.

We met with the surgeon, and he explained all that happened. Dad is in the ICU, and we were finally able to see Dad at 10:15pm, and were with him for 45 minutes. We are back to the hotel.

Dad still has a breathing tube, and has other devices helping him. He does look good! Hopefully they will be waking him in the morning, or early afternoon.

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Chiloe said...

I hope eveything goes well for your dad ;)


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