I see a quilt top coming on..

I designated today as, "get to start something 'new' day". So I thought I would start on a quilt top. So I have decided to start on Shade Cascade by Karen Combs for Blank Quilting.

I'm using the Woodland Versions of the pattern, so I have the Spice, Sage, and Sky fabrics all cut up and ready to go!

I did find an "opps" on the pattern.. for those doing a search and looking to see if you are reading it wrong... yep you are (or atleast I am). The last cutting of Fabric C (Spice) (Dark Value) should be (4) (not 3) 2 1/2"strips. You are not going to get your full 2 1/2" X 8 1/2" cuts... maybe you would if you cut the 8 1/2" strips first, but they don't tell you that. So word of caution.

Off to bond with the Brother (sewing machine) and watch a quilt top grow!

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