The question was...

What is the name of the town and state that the tv show The Office takes place??


WIKB which every morning has a daily call in show, where you can offer something for sale, looking for something, or just to ask a question. Well this morning I was ironing, and I had the radio on, and of course tuned into Telephone Time. I was half listening, and I just had heard the last part of the question, and that the prize offered was for Bev's Supper Club between Florence and Crystal Falls. So I went online to look up the phone number for the radio station. Started dialing. Busy. Redial. Busy. Heard "our next callers are from Newald and Popple River". Redial. Busy. Redial. The person from Newald starts taking, and when he ended, I called again. It was ringing!

Got the receptionist... told her I was calling regarding the trivia question. She put me on hold. And then Jay came on the phone.. and he did an ad. So I waited. (Actually I had to turn the radio back on to make sure it was Jay talking, as it doesn't sound like him on the phone..LOL)

I'm no longer a Telephone Time virgin!!! WOOHOO! He said, and our next caller is from.... And I said Long Lake. And I said something to the fact that is was a gorgeous sunny day here, and it was great as I had the day off, and that I had the answer to your trivia question. And Jay said. What is the name of the town and state that The Office is located?

Scranton, Pennsylvania.

And then he said I was a winner, and then he started to ask me about him asking her about marrying... and I'm thinking.. OMG, I have no idea what you are talking about..LOL I should, but I don't! Tell you the truth... I started at Season 1, and I'm now in Season 2, disc 3. Ive never watched it on Thursday nights yet. I do own Seasons 1, 2, & 3. So I have a long way to catch up!! I started getting the DVD's thru Netflix, but for a tv series you can only get one dvd at a time, and I just had to have them all... so thanks to eBay... I own the first 3 seasons.. he he

So now I have no clue (I'm thinking its the sish ka bob dinner) as to what I won from Bev's Supper Club, just know I have go on a Monday night, during the month of May. My parents, Brian and I went over a year ago to Bev's, and we have been wanting to go back since.. and this is a great way!!

Yeah me! And thank you to The Office for awarding me a free dinner!!


Danielle said...

As soon as I read the question, I knew the answer right away too. I love The Office and caught up last year by downloading all of the episodes to my Tivo from Amazon.com Then I was able to start watching when the new season started in 2007. Congrats on winning!!!

Jennifer said...

I grew up in Wilkes-Barre, which is about 20 minutes from Scranton, and I went to school in Scranton for a year before transferring. Yes, those are real pictures of Scranton in the opening!

Irene said...

Congratulations !


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