New Quilt Projects

Here are pictures of my new WIPs.. he he Yep, had to wash them.. and I LOVE hanging clothes out on the line, so off to the clothes line I went. Its was about 60 degrees, and a lite wind. It was funny as it seem like the first fabric I put up was dried by the time I pinned the last one on the clothes line.

These fabrics are going to be used with a pattern that was made with the fabrics from the company - Blank. Its called "Shade Cascade" - and Im doing the quilt with the Woodlands fabrics from the line.

I love those colors, they are so me!!

Next quilt going into the WIP process is a quilt pattern that is called "Cottage Garden" We only got about 5 of the fabrics from the line at the store, so I did some research on the internet and I found the quilt pattern for the line. So I just took the idea of the quilt colors, and I went about the fabrics and looking for fabrics that would work, and I cant wait to get started on it!!

Im really excited about these two future quilt projects!!


Debra said...

Kim, can't wait to see your quilts.
Debra in Indiana

Vickie said...

I love the colors...they are going to be beautiful!!!!

WendyCarole said...

love those colours and it all looks so exciting


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