Milly's Angel Project Received

Milly posted that she received the Angel Project in the mail. So I'm able to post what I have been working on... since I couldn't post, and it would give it away.

So I can post it here. I was asked to finish some cross stitched blocks into a quilt. I received the blocks back in March. And in late March I sat down one Sunday and started measuring out the blocks, and getting an idea what I wanted to do. It was a math lesson that's for sure! I had about 6 pages of math going on.. figuring out every block. Once I got my set measurements I wanted... I was off and running.

As you can see, Milly's quilt was to do with Cows. So each block is a stitched cow, and I appliqued the moo on the bottom, and made the quilt top, quilted it, and did the binding. It was alot of fun, and I was very happy with the results. I hope that Milly enjoys it as much as I did. Hope those cows live happy now!

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Renee said...

You did such a great job with that quilt Kim!!!! WONDERFUL!


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