Dad Update - 5/20

Well, I cant say good or bad yet. Dad was to have surgery last Thursday, but had some urgent complications taken care of before his surgery. They got to the hospital on Sunday (Mother's Day), and on Monday someone came in and requested to look in his month. Well see in the past he had Endocarditis. Its to do with bacterial infection causing damage to the heart valves, and hence his heart surgery in 2004 for him to have a heart valve put in. Well, its actually blood poisoning, so they wanted to check his month for bad teeth or problem areas, since if he would have an infection before or during surgery - it would cause greater damage.

So instead of the surgery on Thursday - he had 9 teeth pulled instead.

Since his surgery was scheduled for Thursday, it of course had to be postponed. The surgeon was suppose to visit my dad on Sunday, but didn't. Dad was told that he could have surgery on Monday or Wednesday of this week.

The surgeon came by yesterday (Mon) to check out my dad and talk with him. The surgeon said to my dad "You don't realize how sick of a man you are" He preceded to tell my dad (and my mom who has been with my dad in Rochester since Wednesday). The DR stated that this is a very high risk of a surgery. It will take about 5 - 6 hrs. And there was no chance of my dad having the surgery this week - as they were booked (but if there was a cancellation, with enough time - then he would have it).

The Surgeon (according to the nurse my dad said that he was the high-risk, and the one you want), also told my dad the risk - he would be put on life support, and they would stop his heart, and do the surgery - he needs to continue to get the water off his body - and my mom said he had lost another 6lbs since yesterday.

And he also told my dad the chances - he could have a heart attack or a stroke. And there is a 60% chance that he might not make it thru the surgery. My dad told me on the phone, and you could hear the emotion in his voice. I was strong.. but as soon as I hung up the phone, I was crying.

Amy (my sister) asked me the other night about hosting a benefit for Dad, as of right now from his first 15 day stay at St. Mary's in Rochester totaled $71,000. Insurance will only cover 90%... so you can do the math of how much my parents will need to pay out of pocket. And thats not even including this stay yet.. and the surgery. My mom is staying at a hotel in Rochester with my dad. With being sick, Dad was forced into retirement from the Larsen Coop. Ive contacted Chase bank in Larsen to set up an account for donations, and Amy was heading there to set it up on paper. Amy is going to contact a lady that has hosted fundraisers in the past to see the steps of going about setting up a fundraiser/benefit for Dad.

I will keep you informed.

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