Gosh I wish I didn't have so far to drive to work... I drive 35 miles one way. And the price of gas is hiking up. All the fault of Mother Nature. With the hurricane Katrina, leaving the damage as almost a catergory of a tsunami. Life is going to get tougher. Why the common person has to suffer at hands of Mother Nature, right along with the government. It blows my mind. Iheard on the radio Monday, that the price of gas could go up another $.20 within the week.

While we were in Iron Mountain yesterday, I topped off the tank. It was $2.63, and Im sure that when I leave for work on Friday (and ofcourse this being Labor Day weekend), its going to be aleast $3.00 or more for a fricken gallon of gas!

Im sorry I have to vent on this subject. Yes I do have a gas hog, but I love my Explorer its all paid for, and Im sure its not ready to head to car heaven (It better not be!) Why trade in a car, only to make the payments, only to save on a little money at the gas pumps. I dont think, for myself, if I bought a gas saver car, it would save me that much money. Since I would be paying a loan on it.

I feel sorry for the disadvantage people that their whole paycheck goes right to the fact of getting them to work. Im fortunate to get mileage for driving the distance to work. I have coworkers that drive alittle less than I do to work, and they dont qualify for. My heart goes out to them.

So I guess I will end this.. I have to quote a friend that I read off her blog and I totally agree!
Some asshole is getting rich off this shit and needs his balls shoved up his ass!

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