Camping @ the "B" Lake

Along with our camping neighbors, Brian and I went camping over night, to a local lake. The weather was hot, and steamy! The fish were biting good, but they weren't much for keeping.

This is the sunset I woke up to this morning, when I got out of the tent..

It was soooo beautiful! BIG and red!

A picture of our campsite. We were only at this lake for one night, but we made use of our time. I was out fishing any chance I got. It was a walk-in campsite, we had to hike just over a .25 of a mile. Everything has to be carried in, so I have to pack lite.

A picture of our "camping neighbors" Mark and Barb. They are the ones that have gotten us out into the "great Northwoods". We have spent alot of time with them this past summer. We have several more trips in the planning stages, before the snow flies, and the kids go back to school.

Awww, ain't he cute.. This is how I found Brian this morning! Enjoying the nice fresh air.

Well, I guess he is useful for something, here Brian is helping the campfire stay lit. You should have been there to see how much wood we had on the pile, later in the evening.. LOL

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