Ok, imagine...

It's 2:00 a.m. in the morning, and your sound asleep... you hear this howling .. are you dreaming.. you hear it again.. you wake up the person next to you... only to hear the howling of


Yes, we had coyotes in our yard last night, or quite close to it. It actually sounded like it was right behind our house. If you ever heard a coyote howling before, in the distance, well all I can say, it was loud last night! I had planned on getting up and seeing if I could see the coyotes, if they howled again. I laid in bed, waiting, and they never howled again. So I feel back to sleep.

Gosh, the joy of living in the Northwoods. Oh, and last night while we were returning from Iron River, we saw a porcupine strutting down our road.. oh boy, going to have to watch out for chewing on our wooden decorations again!

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