What to do...

I have this weekend off. We are not going camping this weekend, cause our camping neighbors have plans for this evening. So Brian and I decided we would take the weekend off.

Now Im like bored.. LOL. I already went shopping this morning. No actually I think Im going to be organizing my stash (stash stands for all my cross stitching collection of patterns, supplies, etc.). I have to put patterns in clear sheet protectors, and place them in binders. And just see what I have to organize.

Last night we had a thunderstorm come thru the area, and for some reason I couldnt sleep. So I got up about 3am, and started stitching. I finished a sampler for a block swap Im involved with. And I watched How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. I loved that movie! Might have to watch it again, since I didnt have the tv up to loud, so I wouldnt keep Brian awake. But then, he didnt even know I was even up.. LOL

Well I suppose I should get going. And get organizing.

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