Camping Again.. LOL

Well I had 2 days off, guess where I spent it! You guessed it! We camped again over where we camped during the weekend.

We did get over to Iron Mountain. Did some shopping, went out for lunch. We bought our external backpacks. I bought Brian his, for his anniversary present. They are really cool! I cant wait to get those filled with our camping stuff, and head out into the great northwoods!

When we got back, Mark, Barb, and Mel were heading out to camp, on the bank of "S" Creek, and "P" River. Since I wasnt totally finished packing (seems like our stuff is always packed, but I had to pack the food and some other stuff). We got to camp about 6pm. I set the tent up. And started in on working on the invites for my sis inlaw, Lisa's baby shower. I did get them done! WOOHOO! Now just have to get the stamps on them. Mel and I picked some blackberries and raspberries. We sat around the campfire, had dinner, brats and chips. We were in the tent about midnight, and it was just starting to rain. We slept awesome! We got up this morning, packed up camp (since we wont be out there anymore this week). We were home by 9am.

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