Ok, guess what I learned

And I almost died laughing... Brian is afraid of bats. We were camping out at one of our favorite camping spots along the Pine River. We didnt get there till around 5pm, we went out looking for wood. Came back, and Mark and Brian went back to get the wood that Mark had cut down. Well Barb and I sat around the campfire till they got back. Once they were back, we were sitting just relaxing. All of a sudden.. Brian saw a bat. OMG did he freak out. Mark, Barb, and I laughed till our stomachs hurt.. LOL.

It seemed like it was pick on Brian night.. LOL. Brian kept hearing a sound, he was trying to see what it was with the flashlight. Mark has a C.B. radio in his truck, well Barb's daughter Mel, called. And I think Brian jumped up about 3 feet off the ground. He claims he almost swallowed his flashlight.. LOL

Later on in the evening... Brian got really goofy. And started making faces with the flashlight, shining in his face. Barb, I think almost died laughing.. LOL

We all sat around the campfire till about 12:30am, I went to bed. Brian and Mark sat around the campfire till I dont know when.. LOL I finally woke up @ 9:30am.. which I think is the longest I ever slept in (out camping). We broke camp, and were home by 11am.

Later in the day, we went fishing. We were skunked. Hardly had any keepers. I did manage to catch 2 small perch, and a small bass. But it was fun just to be out there.. drowning worms :)

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