Another Camping Trip

Friday night, after I got home from work (9pm) we headed out to our camp. This time we camped about a mile away, but it takes about 3 miles to get there. It was a cold night! It got down to 48 degrees! We woke up, and we were freezing! We sat around the campfire to warm up! We always come home in the day time, so this time I took advantage, and picked some peas and yellow beans from the garden. We had the beans for lunch.. mmmm good!

In the late afternoon we headed over to a favorite lake of ours, that we loved fishing at last year. This lake is a walk in camping only lake. Well we went there to fish, and we kept on going, cause there were 4 cars in the parking lot. Our fishing spirits lost all its spunk. We did end up going about 3 miles down the road, and fished at another lake. It was a mile walk back to the lake. I have a feeling Im cursed at that lake. All the other times I have had the same bad luck there. We got to the lake at 2:30pm. I caught my first fish at 6:45! It was definately NOT a keeper as it was only about 2 inches long.. LOL We headed back in, and were to our camp about 9pm. We did stop at home on the way, and picked up some more blankets.

Sunday, we packed up camp and were home around 11am. We went out about 3pm, and were to a new lake that Brian and I have never been to before! It was beautiful! Its called the "J" Lake (full names are not given to hide the identity.. LOL). The panfish there are HUGE! Even though we only caught a few, we they were keepers! I even had a bass that was interested in my bait for a few minutes, well I made the mistake of getting out of my chair. And the bass swam away. Well it just swam a few feet away, to where I couldnt get at it. Barb ran to her tackle box, and pulled out her bass bait, didnt have the bait in the water 10 seconds.. she hooked "my" bass, which was 18.5 inches!!!! It was huge! I was soo excited that she caught it! Barb had a great day at this lake.

We definately are returning to this lake! I had a few strike on the bait, but no takers :( But I will get that big
one, one of these days!

BTW ~ the pictures are from the "J" Lake :)

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