My prized cross stitching accessory...

My prized cross stitching accessory would be.. my computer (PC, and now the laptop) and the internet. The three things I do first when I get on the computer is, check my cross stitching emails, check the SanMan message board, and check ebay for any winnings or checking my favorite searches (floss, aida, etc..)

It holds all my freebie charts I have found on the internet, that I would like to stitch some day. (I know that is wishful thinking, but you never know when there is something you need to stitch, and actually have a pattern on the computer to use ) It keeps me intouch with all my cross stitching friends, and all the OLNS (Online Local Needle Shop) that I can come across to add to my ever growing stash. The computer is a great motivator (and enabler) when it comes time looking for patterns to stitch.

Just one look at someone else's finished projects, makes list just grows. It brings me great joy to be able to go on the computer, and feel great!

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