Our New Toy!!

Brian and I have been talking about getting a laptop. I had once had a laptop, before we were married. I sold it to a friend who was going on to college, and needed a laptop. I regretted that I had sold her the laptop. I actually sold the laptop for about what I paid for this laptop. So I got a great deal on it!

Its a HP Pavilion, 3200+ AMD Sampron ~ 1.8GHz Processor ~ 514 MB memory, 40 GB hard drive ~ DVD/CD-RW drive ~ 15.4" widescreen montior ~ it also came with a HP printer, and a HP carrying bag.

Oh how I love sitting in the living room now, watching tv, and typing away!

Now my cross stitching stuff sits in front of me.. how tempting to surf and stitch.. LOL

We celebrate our anniversary on this Wednesday. I had already bought him an external backpack for camping. Which we used last week, when we went camping.

Oh, this is going to be so much fun! Now I have to go and transfer all my sites on to here now :)

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