Our 3rd Anniversary!

Wow, this picture was taken 3 yrs ago!
Brian and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary today! Hard to believe its been that long already! We both slept in this morning, I got up about 10:30am, and he was up alittle before I was. We had made plans with Brian's brother to help him with replacing the brakes on my Explorer. That took them 4 hrs to get both sides done. I had to borrow my MIL's cars to run to the post office. I worked for awhile on my computer, transfering information off the computer to the laptop. Brian and I took a ride around, went downtown, and around. Tonight Brian I just took it easy, watched a DVD.

My sister called today, to wish us a happy anniversary. Her and her hubby celebrate their 1st anniversary on Sunday. Hard to believe its been a year for them also!

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