Brave Hearts - WIP Report #2

I havent been faithful in stitching every day it seems since my last report... I found an addiction to pogo.com.. and well, enough said about that.

Here is my progress report on Brave Hearts. Its stitching up really fast when I do stitch on it. Only problem is, I have run out of one of the colors (Cocoa Bean)! So you see that "h" on the bottom, its suppose to be there. I will need to order more of the floss to finish the line, and the sheep's head and legs.

I hope to have the rest of the stitching done on Friday.

Update on the truck... if you remember I posted about my truck's heat source not working. Well it was the blower motor, that called it quits. $138 later, I now have a wonderful source of heat now! Oh, yeah and I almost lost my truck on Saturday. I had a crazy driver drive right into me. Luckily enough... the car only hit me in the driver's side front tire, and was traveling at a slow speed. Just left paint on my tire rim. He apologized, and stated he was taking a friend to work (dumb a$$ answer). Well I told him I was feeling nice, and since I didnt see no damage to my truck, I just saved him alot of money (which from the looks of it, didnt look like he had much either..LOL).

Will draw a winner later today for the QSnap Hugger contest below.


Vonna said...

Your Bravehearts is just beautiful....I wish I could get mine stitched up soon...but I have a lot of stitching for others to get done....but some day!!!! :)

Irene said...

Looking good ! I'm addicted to games as well, need to learn a way to it all at once :)


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