SEE ~@-@~ I am stitching!!

More so on my model.. thats for sure! I hope to have it finished next week! As that is how close Im getting to the end! Vickie calls it my "Men", and I only have 2 men to go!

During movies, though I put the model stitching aside and I watch our Netflix movies. While stitching something not so involved, it helps keep the frog visits to a minimual.. LOL So I pick up Snapperville. So you can see, I either spend too much time paying attention to the movie.. or I stitch slower while watching a movie..LOL Oh well. Tonight I finished up the Pumpkin Farm, while watching Evan Almighty.

For work now, I have been taking a small project with me to work. What my plan is/was to do is stitch my ornament projects at work. So here is a WIP of "Log Cabin At Running Deer Farm" - Prairie Schooler, from the '07 JCS Christmas Ornament mag.

Oh, and I got a really cool OTT Light in the mail today! Im going to use it with my sewing machine. As the LED light on the sewing machine is not bright enough. So I hope that it will help. I got it for a great day off eBay (buy it now deal), and Im very happy with it!


Doris said...

beautiful work..
and i may confess,,i love your cover frame! i love the lok of the Camouflage cover frame!

Shari said...

both look great Kim!!!! I love the snapperville series. SOMEDAY!!!! Thanks for sharing yours!!!

tkdchick said...

Snapperland looks cute!!!!


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