Win a QSnap Hugger!

As you can see in the post below, I have a Hugger on my QSnap, of Elvis Presley. Well I had needed another QH for my 11" QSnaps that I had gotten for Christmas. So I picked out some material, and then asked Brian (DH) to pick the one he liked. Well of course he picked Elvis. In Brian's younger days, he was a HUGE Elvis fan... can sing almost every song by heart.

So I made a 11" QH for me, and I just continued to make a 8" QSnap Hugger also. So, Im offering it as a contest! I will draw a winner on February 20th.

If you could, please post if you would like a chance of winning. For the nonblogger people, please leave your name and email, so I can contact you.

Good luck!


Doris said...

me me me!!
i will like a chance of winning this beautiful hugger :)

Pull Up A Needle And Stitch said...

I love your QSnap Huggers...I would love a chance to win one!!!
Thank you for having the contest.


My blog; Pull Up a Needle and Stitch

Rachel said...

I would love to enter!


Karen said...

oooo I love Elvis please enter my name in your draw

Aussie Stitcher said...

Please enter my name in the draw, would love a chance to win and thanks for your generosity.

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by~I think these huggers are the greatest thing! Count me in..


Anonymous said...

Just finished watching the Grammys their will never be anyone even close to Elvis. Please include me in you contest. Gayle B

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim

You know I love your QSnap huggers! And Elvis and I share the same birthday! 01/08/??

Hope you feel better and have a fun day.

Teresa Whisson

Maribel said...

Oh, i would love to win the Hugger! They are so wonderful!

Nancy said...

Hi Kim,
Please enter me in this contest - thank you. I love the ones I have.
Hope you - and your truck - are better by now.
Nancy in PA

Anonymous said...

Oh Kim - I would love to win this, as much for Elvis as anything - I still remember exactly where I was when I heard he had died!

love, Viv in the UK xx


Anonymous said...

Please enter me in your contest.


Diane from PA

Sassy said...

Oh Kim,
I would love to enter for your Elvis q-snap hugger....I love him !!!!

Thanks !!!


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