FIREMAN - Hinzeit Finish/WIP

Got 1 done!

Yep, got the first of three FIREMAN stitched up. It went super fast!

I stitched it on White 28ct Monaco over 2 with Needle Necessities 153. Love the QSnap Hugger with it? Thought it was quite fitting :D

I still need to attach the charms... but I need to purchase some clear nail polish to paint the charms, so they don't tarnish.

Going to work on a SFE project. Get it started, and will be my take along project for the weekend. Yep, going home this weekend to visit my family! The girls (Nat and Kaylee) are driving my sister nutts, and says to get there ASAP! I would have been there Tuesday, but I gotta work tomorrow.. LOL So we will be leaving first thing in the morning on Saturday, and be gone till Tuesday.. can't wait!


Irene said...

The fabric would make a great tuck or pillow for this design. Are you doing all 3 the same ?

Doris said...

yep the QSnap Hugger fitting :D

Michele said...

cute finish! and I do love it with that fabric!


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