Its Super Sunday!

So far the day has been about backstitching.. what a day! Great to see a design pop with backstitching! Been backstitching on the model. Im glad I have been backstitching as I go. Im at the point where I need to move it on the QSnap, so I figured I would do the backstitching now. So, for the past couple hours, Ive been playing with the one ply of black.

Well, since its finally Super Bowl Sunday, which the Patriots and the Packers Giants play. We are going over to my BIL & SIL's house again to watch the game. Im in charge of bringing the soda. But just seen a cool recipe for taco dip, so I will be going to the store in a bit to pick up the rest of the ingredients. Brian doesnt really care to go and watch the game, but Ive talked him into it. He said "Im not really interested in it, since the Packers are not playing" I agree with him, but Im more into the company, and the commercials..LOL

Well I suppose I should get going to the store.. go myself and do some "additional" shopping, since part of our tax return came Friday. WOOHOO! $$$!

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