Well there went that resolution for the year

I did set one resolution for this year, to try to blog every day on here. Well, looks like I fell off the wagon!

I think the main reason I cant, is cause I really dont have anything to show for my stitching. Im stitching on a BAP model right now, and Im concentrating on getting it done soon. Hopefully in the next 2 - 3 weeks I will have it done. I dont want to sound like Im complaining, but dang this is the hardest model I have had to stitch. VERY detailed with lots of shading, and a couple stitches here and there of the color. So Im constantly changing out the colors. Im sure your jaw will drop when you see the model!

I have been stitching on Snapperville, but only when we watch a movie now it seems. LOL Snapperville isnt that intense of a project to work on. So I can stitch then look away. But I find myself looking away more than stitching.. LOL

I joined another SFE (Small Finish Exchange) on one of my groups. I have seen the themes and started looking for options of patterns. I have a few ideas, but still throwing a few ideas along. These will be good take to work projects. Since the internet at work, has been limited. As in, they blocked sites on the internet now.. meaning I cant even check my emails on breaks. ARGH! And come on now, you can only read the same magazine over so many times..LOL

Umm what else... oh I cut out the blocks for the Yellow Brick Road quilt. Now I just need to sew them together and then cut some of them out again. Maybe hop on the sewing machine alittle today and work on that project.

Tomorrow we are going over to my BIL & SIL's house to watch the Superbowl, since we dont get the network stations here. Not really thrilled about the game, just more the commercials and the halftime show. I wished that Green Bay was closer to home (110 miles not so close), I got an email yesterday from The Stitching Bee, and they are having a Super Bowl Sale. I went last year.. and had a blast!

Well Im going to close this post with a picture of my 2yr old niece Kaylee... being the queen she is! Hope to get to to see her next month. Aunt Kim has been asked to babysit for the weekend sometime in March... and do you think I said no?! Also, I guess Kaylee has been asking for me.. and keeps saying "Where did Kimmy go?" I think its super funny, as she calls Brian, "Uncle Bian".

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Debra said...

Kim, I am looking forward to the SFE also. They are so much fun. You are head of me. I haven't even looked for patterns yet. Can't wait to see your model and kaylee's picture is too cute.
Debra in Indiana


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