Moosie Loves the QSnap Huggers!

I received this email the other day, and I thought it was just the cutest! Ive received permission to repost the email from the original poster.

Hi, Kim, The qsnap huggers came today, and they're wonderful! Thank you so much for making them, and for coming up with the idea to begin with. I put them both on WIPs and I know I'll enjoy using them.. I've got to ask...were they near catnip or cats? You see, after stitching with one for a little bit, I patted my main coon cat, who was sleeping on the loveseat next to me. She started licking my hand, and when I went to move it away, she held on and insisted on licking some more, and rubbing her head and cheek against my hand. I showed her the qsnap with the hugger on, and she started rubbing against it and rolling around like she does around catnip. See attached pic of Chocolate Mousse (Moosie, 'cause she's a big cat) snuggled up to the gold berry hugger. :-) She was not too pleased when I wanted it back to do some more stitching. Lyn

My response ~

Thanks Lyn for letting me know they arrived. Moosie is so cute next to the Hugger!! We dont have any cats, or pets. I purchased the fabric from JoAnn Fabrics, and I did wash the fabric... so maybe its the detergent on the fabric? I hope that Moosie allows you to stitch from now on. I think that this is just the cutest story! If you need some more of that fabric to keep Moosie away from your QSnap Hugger, I can send you some. Do you mind if I post this post this email and picture to my blog?! If you need anymore QHs, please email me. :) Enjoy!

Check that out! Moosie is a fan of QSnap Huggers! HE HE


Doris said...

cute history,and cute cat.

Rachel said...

Aww, that is so cute! A nice little story that brightened my day!!!

P.S. Those huggers look neat, can you give me some info on them? I could use something like that! :)


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