SBQ for Feb 6th

This week's SBQ was suggested by Kathryn and is:

Are there other crafts that you have tried and abandoned? Why do you like stitching better?

And to think at one time I gave up cross stitching! I brought it back as I needed something do since moving north, these long winters can drive a person crazy!

Back to the question... well, umm I have tried knitting and crocheting in the past, but I will leave that hobby to my Mom. I have thought about scrapbooking, but naww, that is for my sister. I have done decorative painting in the past, as I said, in the past..LOL

I do also quilt, but I find that I love cross stitching more, as I love to sit in my recliner watch tv, and stitch! What a way to spend the winters!

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