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I know I know, another quilt post, but here it goes. I finished the 2 quilt tops, and the rest of the adopted quilt blocks - (I got more material this past Thursday when I was at Laurie's - had to finish 6 blocks that needed one log each, and then I had to make 8 complete blocks) - today! I was planning on going down to Green Bay to The Stitching Bee, but Brian didnt feel I needed to go, and talked me out of it - didnt want me putting more miles on my truck (rolling eyes). So I took advantage of the day, and I would have to say I was VERY successful!

This log cabin quilt was a joy to make - earlier tonight I just had 44 blocks, and I was looking for a layout that would be very functional. With the layout I choose, Im very happy with it, actually had played around with the different styles of log cabin layouts, but this one I really liked. There are 48 blocks, layed out it 6 rows accross, and 8 rows down. The blocks are 6 inches square. As you can see its totally different than the other log cabin I completed this morning. Now I just need to get the badding, and the backing material, which I will wash and iron, before taking the quilt tops up to Laurie Jean's.

On one of my cross stitching groups I read that a challenge was put out for a stitch-a-thon (but with cross stitching of course), but I just challenged myself to get the quilts done as far as I could this weekend. Which I was happy to report I did. :)

I did stitch last night, I worked on the Fire Fighter design for about 4 hrs. Of course you dont see much, but half of the design is rolled up on the scroll frame, hiding. I hope to have this completed this week (fingers crossed).

Well I better report to bed soon. Im tired. Have to work Mon, Tues, and Wed, Off on Thurs, and Friday. Have quilt class on Thurs, so I will be doing a show and tell. On Friday, we will likely take a ride over to Iron Mountain for some goodies.


valda said...

I love this quilt! Love the colors! You have done a fantastic job Kim!!!

Nicole and Phil said...

You have made some great quilts there Kim! Well done! Is it OK to add your name to my favourites on my blog...I always love to see other people's quilts! You can click on my name to see my blog and quilts I have been working on! Cheers, Nicole, Berlin, Germany (LK stitcher)

~Kim~ said...

Yes Nicole, if its ok to add your blog to my favorites :)

Heather said...

Another lovely quilt Kim, I'm so impressed with them. Wish I could do something like that.


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