I'm informed just 5 minutes before I'm to leave work, that I have a phone call.. I'm thinking ok, must be Brian maybe he wants tell me he is over at his brother's or something.

Me: "Hello. this is Kim"
Dad: "What do you want for dinner"
Me: "What?" (I'm thinking who is this.. LOL)
Dad: "Where do you want to go for dinner?"
Me: "Where are you?"
Dad: "I'm at your house!"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Dad: "Mom and I decided to go for a road trip and try out out new car"
Me: "Oh wow"
Dad: "We are going to stay up in Iron River"
Me: "Well you can just stay with us - save some money"
Dad: "I've had this planned to take your mom away for the weekend"
Me: "Well just so you know I wont be home for another hour since I have to stop for gas"
Dad: "Its ok, we will just go out when you get here. Do you know the number for the hotel"
. . . . . .

Yep, my parents were at our house Saturday night. Im sure most of you dont know, Im 130 miles from my hometown, and the family. They got a new truck - they traded in the van for a Ford Expedition - more room to haul the grandchildren around in. They left about 4pm, and got up here about 7:30p. They had stopped by the church were Brian was practicing, and Brian said that my mom walked in.. and he thought he was seeing things.. and was speechless.. LOL

Once I got home - my dad was outside to meet me, and show off the new ride. I think its awesome.. and might have to get myself one - someday. I showed my mom the quilts I have here, she is really excited about me quilting. I called Country Inn in Long Lake to see how late they were serving, till 10p, since its 9:20p, Mom, Dad, Brian and I headed off to eat. We were there for an hour. After dinner, my parents dropped us off at our house, and then we took our vehicle up to Iron River to the hotel they were staying at. They checked in at 11:20pm. Even got a discount for checking in so late. Their room had a fireplace and a king size bed. Brian and I said our goodbyes and left the hotel about 1am, and headed back to our house.

At lunch today - I was talking to a coworker at the desk on the unit while I was doing some intake charting, and I heard the door open and close, turned and looked. Here it was Mom and Dad! Double Surprise! They were on the way home, and then my dad said that he wanted to visit me at work.. so they turned around and drove to Phelps - via Eagle River. He said that he had to buy a $5 map of Wisconsin to find out where he was going. I gave them a tour of the nursing home, and they met a few of my coworker - who really complimented on me to my parents. :) They took my break with me, and we talked some more. They left about 1:15p. I sent them home via Hwy 45.

I called them tonight when I got home to thank them again for coming! It was so neat to have them come and visit.. just wished I didn't have to work this past weekend. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming! We loved having you up here!

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valda said...

How neat that your parents came to visit you! Glad that you were able to visit!


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