Vacation is going..

FAST! I have been off since Friday evening, and go back to work on Saturday morning. I don't want this vacation to end! I've gotten so much accomplished! And still have more to get done. I have a list, and at the moment its looking quite black - with crossing off each item on the list that I wanted to get finished, or needed a reminder of what needs/ed to be done while I have time to sit around.

So far, I have finished a quilt (see previous post) - On Monday I picked up another quilt that I am fostering (which is about half done) - a paper pieced -Sea At Storm (S @ S) pattern layout. And the colors are just AWESOME! Its has a African theme - the colors are just fun to work with. I will have to make a scan of one of the blocks to show the color.

On Monday - Mom called to say that she had seen the website and was really impressed and happy for me. She even emailed Laurie Jean, she said. :) I went and did alittle shopping - I was looking for long sleeve shirts that are more dressy - picked up a few long sleeved tops, and a sweater. Got Brian lots of muscle shirts with Dale Earnhardt Jr on (he's not a fan of Nascar - but the shirts were on clearance, and then were 50% off, so I got them for a steal!). Went over to Laurie Jean's after - showed her the Yellow Brick Road Northwoods Flannel quilt. I picked up the S @ S. Took the laptop along worked on the website some, then Laurie and I went over the layout of the webpage. It was funny cause when I left home, Brian asked when I would be home, and just for fun I told him I would be home before 8pm, well I got home @ 7:50pm... cutting it close - even though I had left about 10:30am. While I was at the studio - Brian called, saying that my sister needed address labels - like tomorrow - I called her and said if she knew that there was no mail today due to President's Day

Yesterday (Tuesday) - went to the post office to mail out my sister's return address labels. I had to take my truck up for a tune up in Iron River, worked on a Secret Sister package, and then started work on the Sea At Storm quilt. Then later in the evening, I worked on the webpage - and got alot done.

Now its Wednesday on the agenda for the day..
Work on the S @ S quilt.
Wait for the phone to ring - so we can go and get my truck
Work some more on the website - I have to scan pictures and change more of the layout on the webpage
Start on a new cross stitch pattern - dyed the evenweave on Sunday- now just need to iron and get the fabric on the scroll frame, and get started.

Well I better get in gear, and get the day started!

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Missy said...

You are busy!! Wow, vacations are supposed to be r-e-s-t-f-u-l.

Gotta love the power of the list. I usually misplace mine and use that for an excuse, lol.


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