African Storm At Sea Quilt Unit 1

These are some of the main block (unit 1) of the quilt that I'm fostering. Its a Storm at Sea pattern (paper-pieced). The theme of the quilt is African.
I love the colors that the owner of the quilt chose. You will see more of the colors as I get the other blocks finished. There are 2 other blocks that go with the actual block of the quilt for the quilt. These are you would say "the blocks that make up the block" LOL. Since there were blocks already made - I just have to finish what is left of the paper pieces. I had to figure out what she had already done (meaning for the center of the block - all the different poses). Which was 21 - which I worked on Wednesday and got finished on Wednesday night. I started onto the next block - got the center fabric pinned on with 2 opposite corners. Got about half of what I pinned together sewn, trimmed, and ironed.

So I will post when I get the other blocks finished - which I might just go and work on those now.

Unless I get a call from the garage and able to go and get my truck - which I haven't had since Tuesday :( I need another week of vacation!


Loonie said...

Woohoo! Carolyn will love them!! I love them too!

Nicole and Phil said...

can't wait to see the finished quilt! Storm at Sea is my favourite block EVER!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your pix of Carolyn's blocks--so happy you are helping her out.
Sorry about the van trouble--'tis like going to the doctor--they always
find something else wrong! Nina

valda said...

Beautiful quilt blocks!!! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!


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