My brother, Glen is the one on the right, in the firefighter's gear. Im sure he is telling the person on the left about what he did to help stop the march fire. This picture was on the front page of the Winneconne News (Feb 1 - and it took a week to get here)

When it did happen, my dad called me to report about the fire.. he said that Glen was responding to the marsh fire (which 2 were going on at the same time in somewhat the same area) that day (Jan 24). He was trying to cut off part of the fire that was coming very close to a large fenced in area. Glen was driving the new fire truck (which Im thinking its the one in the picture), he fully attacked the fire using the gun on the top of the truck, stopping the fire with in about 15 ft from this fenced in area. Come to find out - behind the fence was a collection of old army Jeeps (worth lots and lots of money). More than likely if Glen wasnt there in the right place at the right time.. it would have been a terrible site. Many miles and acres were burned - the only structure that was burned was a deer stand, but they had 3 injures. One of the injures happened to my brother, Scott. Since it was a very windy day, he was exiting the fire truck, when the door closed on his thumb, smashing his thumb tip in the door (the door actually latched - and his thumb was still in the door - not sure if its broken)

I was raised in a fire fighting family. My dad has been on the fire dept for almost 40 yrs. He has been the fire chief for many years. Glen (my oldest younger brother) - who is the asst chief, has been on the fire dept since he turned 18, he will be 28 next week (Feb 16). Scott (my younger brother) - also has been on the fire dept since he was 18, and he is 26. My sister inlaw Lisa has been on the fire dept for several years.

Im very proud of my dad, brothers, and sister inlaw, they are the true heros. Going out of the way to help others, and be a service to the community! Love you guys!

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