Pink Log Cabin Block

I forget to post a picture of the pink log cabin blocks I have been working on with all the other projects going on.

Im not a fan of pink, but the color combo here is just awesome! Im really happy with this quilt.

Info on the block, its a 6 inch square block. With 4 light (white) logs, and 4 dark (pink). The middle square is a floral print that I just fell in love with - even when its pink.. LOL

I have 44 of these blocks finished, but I need to make a total of 80 blocks - (but I might change the layout of this, and use less blocks). Its very quick to stitch these blocks up, cause you use a chain method. You use a strip of the material - light or dark (which ever log you are sewing on next - which is 44 inches long), and you just continue to use the strip of material, and place the block onto the strip and sew it on. Then you have what ever amount of blocks you can fit on the strip. First you iron the log you put on open, and just trim the blocks to match the rest of that block's side, and then just add on your other logs. Very simple.

Today I need to finish the original log cabin quilt... just need to add one border, but I needed to buy more fabric just to make the border, and then ofcourse for the matching binding. I need to also wash the backing material today. Im also planning on working on the adopted log cabin blocks, I only need to make 8 more of those - I had to stop cause I ran out of material, and when I was at class on Thursday, I got the rest that I needed (which needs to be ironed and cut). Then I will work on the pink log cabin blocks.

Yesterday I did do some cross stitching, it was a nice break, but it was hard to focus on the cross stitching, cause I kept thinking about the other quilt projects going on, and watching tv.. LOL. I did get far on the Fire Fighter design Im working. I hope to have it done within the week. I need to frame it - I was thinking about mailing it to my brother for his birthday - but with having glass in the frame, Im alittle leary.

Well I better get to work, the day is a wasting.. LOL

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